Frontiers of Mathematics
and Applications IV - 2015
Summer Course UIMP 2015, Santander (Spain), July 20-24, 2015


  • The course is meant preferably for doctoral and postdoctoral students in related areas (Analysis, Partial Differential Equation, Applied Mathematics).
  • The number of students is limited to 40, therefore there will be a pre-selection process.
  • The UIMP will give a diploma.
  • There are some grants available preferably for applicants with non-permanent positions.
    There will be two kinds of grants:
    • complete grant: we cover lodging and meals expenses, and the registration fee.
    • partial grant: we cover the registration fee.
    • None of the grants will cover travel expenses.
  • For participant without grant, the registration fee is 130Euro.
  • The official deadline for grant application is June 15, 2015 .
    The deadline for pre-registration for grant application is May 29, 2015 .
  • Please notice that the pre-inscription and registration procedure is different for those applying for the grant or not.

Pre Registration without grant application

  • Download the following pdf document    [pdf]
  • Fill the above document, scan and e-mail it, together with the copy (can be a scan) of the documents required in the form, to:
  • Once the pre-selection process is complete, you will be advised whether your inscription has been accepted or not, and you will be asked to confirm your participation and pay the registration fee.

Pre Registration with grant application

  • Download and fill the following pdf document    [pdf]
  • Fill the above documents, scan and e-mail them, together with a Curriculum Vitae and the copy (can be a scan) of the documents required in the forms, to:
  • Once the pre-selection process is complete, you will be communicated whether the grant will be given or not. You will also receive the instruction on how to register.


This activity is supported by:

Universidad Internacional
Menéndez Pelayo
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

in the framework of
"Campus Internacional
de Excelencia UAM"
Fundación Ramón Areces Fundación Ramón Areces
Basque Center for Applied Mathematics

in the framework of
"Programa de Excelencia
Severo Ochoa"
BCAM SeveroOchoa
ERC Advanced Grant

Principal Investigator Susanna Terracini
ERC Starting Grant

Principal Investigator Daniel Faraco

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