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El Escorial is located in the North-west part of the province of Madrid, at a distance of about 50 km from the capital. Strictly speaking it consits of two towns, El Escorial (downhill) and San Lorenzo de El Escorial (uphill). The Residencia San  José, is located in the town of El Escorial at Calle Reyes Catolicos 12, in the intersection with Avda. Felipe II (see map), and is accessible by train, bus and car.

For detailed instructions on how to get there, please choose your prefered transport method:


Terminal 1, 2 and 3 (T1, T2 and T3): Go to the Terminal 2 (T2), first floor. The entrance to the underground (METRO) can be found in the walkway connecting to car park P2 in the middle of the terminal. Take the subway (Metro), Line 8, from the airport to the Nuevos Ministerios train station (see Map). The trip takes about 20 min. Follow the signs to Renfe Cercanias (without exiting to the street). Take the train to El Escorial (Cercanias, C8). From here follow the instructions on getting to El Escorial by train.

Terminal 4 (T4): Take the shuttle bus linking terminal T4 and T2 and T1. Get off at the T2 and follow the instructions above.

Metro of Madrid informs that the Line 8 will be open on 1st of September. In the case that this not occurs, check the old travel page.


The local trains (marked by Cercanias Renfe) are modern, comfortable, and run on time. The entrance into each station is also marked by a pole which carries the same symbol.

Take the train (Cercanias, C8) from any of these train stations: Atocha, Recoletos, Nuevos Ministerios or Chamartin (see Map) to El Escorial. The trip takes approximately 1 hour.

Click here to get a timetable.

From the train station at El Escorial there is a 500-meter walk uphill to the Residencia San Jose (see Map).


Buses leave Moncloa Bus Station in Madrid and arrive at the bus stop close to Monasterio de El Escorial. From here, take the Avda. Reyes Católicos (downhill) for 500 meters. The Residencia is on a sharp bend at the intersection of Avda. Reyes Católicos and Avda. Felipe II (see Map). The bus also stops, if requested, at any ot the two bus stops marked in the map. You can find the bus schedule from Madrid to El Escorial here. The buses that run on Sundays are marked as DIARIO or DOMINGOS Y FESTIVOS.


Take highway A6 (Madrid - A Coruña). Take exit number 47 (El Escorial) and follow this road for approximately 8 km. Cross San Lorenzo de El Escorial and when you see the monastery, turn to the left (For more information).

BY TAXI taxi

A taxi from Barajas Airport may cost you roughly between 80 and 100 Euro, depending on the time of the day. The ride should last about 50-70 minutes, depending on the traffic and the driver. (There are special supplements for Sundays and holidays, for the night and early morning rides, for the luggage, and for leaving from the airports or train stations.) The exact amounts of fares per kilometer and all supplements - both in Spanish and in English - should be posted on a label located in the back windows; the cab should also have a mandatory meter close to the dashboard and to the right of the driver; this meter should be turned on as soon as you have entered the vehicle and given your instructions to the driver. We recommend that you avoid taking cabs that do not have stickers posted in the back windows and meters in the front (such cabs can typically only be encountered at late night hours and may suppose a higher price).



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