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The Online Analysis and PDEs seminar

The Online Analysis and PDEs seminar

The opening talk will be given by
Rafael de la Llave, Georgia Tech.
Title:  Solutions of delay differential equations, including applications to electrodynamics
29th September at 15:00.
Abstract: The study of electrodynamics and other applied problems leads to the study of equations in which the forces are functions of the trajectory at previous times. These delays depend on the trajectory. For such equations, not even the appropriate phase space is known. Much less a theory of existence and smoothness of evolution. We show that, nevertheless, there is a systematic theory to construct many solutions. In particular we develop a theory of perturbations for small delays (the 1/c expansions in classical electrodynamics). The theory is efective and leads to constructive numerical algorithms.
This is based on joint works with  A. Casal,  L. Corsi, J. Gimeno, X. He, and J. Yang.
There are a couple of changes with respect to last year:
i) We will move to ZOOM.
ii) You will be able to find the link to the talk on the web of the seminar. Anyway we will send a message with the information and the link the day of the seminar as we did before.


Localización 29th September at 15:00