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Seminario Teoría de grupos UAM-ICMAT

Seminario Teoría de Grupo UAM-ICMAT

Martes, 22 de Mayo, Aula 520 (UAM), 12:00

Ponente: Spencer Dowdall (Vanderbilt University)

Title: Splittings, suspension flows, and polynomials for free-by-cyclic groups

The semi-direct product of a finite-rank free group with the integers can often be expressed as such a product in infinitely many ways. This talk will explore this phenomenon and work towards 1) describing the structure of the family of such splittings of a given group, and 2) looking for for relationships between the splittings themselves. After establishing some background, I will describe a dynamical approach to studying splittings via suspension flows and a polynomial invariant that ties these perspectives together. Only limited knowledge of free groups and semi-direct products will be assumed. Joint work with Ilya Kapovich and Chris Leininger.

Localización Martes, 22 de Mayo, Aula 520 (UAM), 12:00