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Mihai Putinar

(Univ. de California de Santa Barbara, EEUU; Univ. de Newcastle, Reino Unido)


Hermitian sums of squares

Jueves, 23 de junio, 12:00. Aula 520, Dpto. Matemáticas    
As old and ubiquitous positive definite Hermitian forms may be, they still provide surprises and unexpected ramifications to other fields. A theorem of Quillen about positive definite forms on an odd dimensional sphere will be the starting point of our lecture, leading to a novel classification of real algebraic varieties and a precise Positivstellensatz in the Hermitian context. Applications to the construction of tight wavelet frames and to global, non-convex optimization will be presented.


Localización Jueves, 23 de junio, 12:00. Aula 520, Dpto. Matemáticas