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The Master's Progam in Mathematics and Applications at the Autonomous University of Madrid has been part of our Graduate Program since 2005 as a replacement of the earlier system (Diploma of Advanced Studies). It was verified positively by the Committee for Contents of Studies of the University Council of Spain on July 1st of 2009. Its principal goal is to provide the interested students with an advanced and rigorous knowledge of Mathematics, in accord with the current needs of the society in an area where both academic and professional research needs meet.

The program consists of a common area and two specialties: 

• Introduction to Research, aimed principally at those students who intend to pursue doctoral studies in Fundamental Mathematics.

• Applications of Mathematics, aimed at those students who wish to deepen their knowledge of the use of Mathematics in industry, technology, finances, or other areas of applications of Mathematics.

Both specializations allow to develop the knowledge and skills in advanced areas of Mathematics that can serve as preparation for research activities required for a doctorate.

The specific objectives of this Master are:

1. To deepen the knowledge of the nature, the methods, and the goals of different fields of Mathematics.

2. To develop the analytic capacities, the power of abstraction, the intuition and rigorous logical thinking in different advanced areas of Mathematics, as well as in their applications in scientific contexts -either interdisciplinary or advanced- with a certain degree of mathematical complexity.

3. To enable the students to use the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired, with a certain degree of autonomy, in defining and posing new problems and searching for their solutions in both the academic and the professional context.

4. To prepare for further advanced studies, both in mathematical research and in other professional environments.