El programa y el horario de los dos cursos


El aula: 420 del Módulo 17 de la Fac. de Ciencias, UAM


Curso I. Towards a numerization of the Gelfand theory


Los miércoles 1, 8, 15 y 22 de octubre, de 14:30 a 15:30 


1) Why there exists no constructive proof to Wiener's 1/f theorem?

2) Invisible spectrum and critical constants of an algebra

3) A corona theorem for H^infty trace algebras

4) Invisible spectrum of Fourier multipliers under the Muckenhoupt condition




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4. N.Nikolski and I.Verbitsky, Fourier multipliers for weighted L2

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Curso II. Sublinear dimension growth in the KMT (Kreiss Matrix Theorem)


Los jueves 2, 9, 16 y 23 de octubre, de 14:30 a 15:30 



1) The KMT and stable Runge-Kutta approximations

2) Bernstein-type inequalities for rational functions

3) Basis and unconditional basis constants (following McCarthy-Schwartz)

4) Sublinear dimension growth in the KMT.





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